7 ways to combat cabin fever

imageHave you noticed some people seem to do well not matter what the weather is outside? I have because initially when fall and winter begins I have to adjust to the cold. Sometimes this leads me to feel trapped inside, in the past I believe they called it cabin fever.

Hanging out inside most of the day and night can feel confining and a little stressful. If you find that staying inside is impacting your mood some, you are not alone. Here are some ways to combat cabin fever.

1. Go for a short walk, even if it is cold out. Please feel free to ignore this one if you are in below 0 degree weather.

2. Work out, sometimes just doing a few exercises is all we need to feel a little less claustrophobic.

3. Meditate, there are plenty of guided meditations online (free) if you need a little help.

4. Don’t watch T.V. read a good book instead. Escape with your mind.

5. Call up a couple good friends and either go have a cocoa/tea or have them over for cocoa/tea

6. Play games with friends or family, keep them light or only lightly competative.

7. Breathe the cold weather is temporary. Remind yourself for most of us the cold weather will only last a few months.