Depression and the day I got my glasses

depression help

My new glasses and my favorite winter hat.

That was yesterday by the way. Yup, I got glasses for the first time in my life. I am now in my forties and my better than normal vision is no longer. I waited months and months forcing my eyes to adjust if possible, well it didn’t work. I need read glasses because my arms are no longer long enough to hold what I am reading at the right distance. Well, it was amazing a new world opened up to me again, I no longer have to hand things off to be read by the better seers near by. One day recently I could not read something and I need to read it in the next hour or so to take advantage of it. It was a sad day, I literally had to down load a thing on the ipad that magnifies things for you and could not get it to work. Now I have seen the light so to speak and am living more at ease with my new reading glasses. I guess because of what I do it was easy to see the common thread between getting my glasses and the lifting of a depressive mood. With the right skills and techniques we can impact our mood for the better it is often our stubborness thinking it won’t work for us or I tried it once and it did not work, that stops us. I am not ignoring that fact that medicine is often an important part of treating a mood diorder. I am saying for those of us with mild to moderate diagnosis of depression habits and behaviors i.e. working out can have a major impact on mood. It is easy to think after trying something a couple of times it does not work, but over a short period of time it can work with consistancy. The hardest part when you are depressed is motivation to do those havits that will change our lives over time. Particularly in our get it this instance society, we learn to want it now. The fastest fix I know is a combination of working out, hanging out, and getting your mind right. These habits all take time to impact mood.


Have you noticed some people seem to do well not matter what the weather is outside? I have because initially when fall and winter begins I have to adjust to the cold. Sometimes this leads me to feel trapped inside, in the past I believe they called it cabin fever. Hanging out inside most of […]

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